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It’s simply the most wonderful time of the year. Tyson® products are here to help make your holidays extra jolly. Even though holiday vacation is just around the corner, don't forget to save the Tyson Project A+ program labels for cash that your school or daycare can use! And starting in January you can earn free books from Scholastic in addition to the funds you earn for the labels you send in.  Check back for more details.  

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Temperature is still vital. The temperature range between 40° and 140° F is considered to be the food spoilage zone. Food should rest in this temperature range for only two hours. After that, it should be promptly stored to keep it fresh for the next serving time. Food sitting more than two hours in this temperature zone should be discarded.

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100 Labels = 10 Free Text Books

Earn free books for your school in addition to raising funds with the Tyson Project A+™ program. Click here to make sure your school is enrolled, and start collecting labels from participating Tyson® products. Between January - March, in addition to redeeming these labels for cash for your school, while supplies last you can get 10 free Scholastic textbooks for your school with every 100 labels you redeem! 

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