Made with 100% all natural* ingredients.
Kids love them 100% of the time.

When it comes to eating, most kids are very...well, selective. Good thing there’s Tyson Chicken Nuggets. Kids love them because they taste great and are fun to eat. Moms love them because they’re made with 100% all natural* ingredients and white meat from chicken raised with no added steroids or hormones.** Crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside, they’re sure to satisfy the pickiest of eaters. And their moms, too.


*Minimally processed; no artificial ingredients.

**Federal regulations prohibit the use of added steroids or hormones in chicken. 

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We know that you don't need a lot of help getting to a clean plate with Tyson® chicken nuggets, but in the event you ever want to surprise your family we have a few fun recipes for you...there is even one you can use around Halloween time!  Keep Nuggets on hand and with these recipes you will always be able to impress at a moments notice.  


The fun way to a clean plate! 

Watch the video and see how delicious Tyson® Fun Nuggets really are.