We are excited to announce that we are going no antibiotics ever across all Tyson® branded chicken products. 

Our No Antibiotic Ever products will start showing up on shelves soon and by this fall they will be readily available at your local supermarket.

Check out our new Tyson Naturals™ product line today. It features real, simple ingredients and chicken raised with no antibiotics ever.


Quality Is What We’ll Always Deliver

When John W. Tyson was still driving his old truck across the country, folks kept coming back for the chicken he brought because he always delivered on his promise of quality. Plain and simple. Today, we’re just as committed to delivering on that promise. From our hatcheries, to the farms we work with, to our careful inspection of all of our chicken, we’re committed to making sure you get farm-raised chicken of the highest quality to serve up to your family.

Delivering Quality
Farm to Table

From The Farm to Your Table

Since the very beginning, we’ve always worked hard to build strong relationships with independent farms across America. Honestly, we wouldn’t be where we are today without them. In fact, we have been working with many farmers for more than three generations. We invite you to find out more about the farmers who will continue to help us provide you with real quality chicken for generations to come.

Our Farmers