We created a series of films to give folks a glimpse of how Tyson chicken makes it to dinner tables across the country. 

Each episode follows a different step of the process and shows the unscripted thoughts and stories from farmers, animal welfare specialists, veterinarians, Tyson chefs and more.

Episode 1: American Made

Visit a real family farm in Elkins, Arkansas and see a day in the life of farmer Jeff Marley. He's been raising Tyson chicken for over 30 years.

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Episode 2: What's in a Tyson Fun Nugget?

Take a look inside a Tyson test kitchen with Chef Thomas Wenrich to find out exactly how Tyson Fun Nuggets are made.

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Episode 3: Raising Healthy Chickens

We opened the doors to one of our American chicken farms so you could meet the people in charge of our chickens' well-being. Find out how our chickens live and what they eat.

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Episode 4: No Antibiotics Ever

Find out how we keep our chickens healthy with no antibiotics ever from Dr. Scott Gustin, Tyson's Director of Veterinary services.

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Episode 5: Our Breading Recipe

Watch as Chef Noy walks us through the simple and delicious breading recipe for Tyson Crispy Chicken Strips.

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Episode 6: Flash-Freezing for Fresher Taste

Learn how Tyson freezes chicken at the peak of freshness, resulting in better tasting chicken in your freezer.
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About the Director

Daniel Junge is an Oscar® and Emmy® award-winning director. Junge has consistently made provocative, critically acclaimed films that have earned him a respected reputation. 

That tenacity to get to the truth of a story and ability to turn his cameras on what is real and true, led to this series with Tyson.

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