More to Love Since 1935

From our humble beginnings to today, there’s one thing we’ve always done: give people more to love—more quality chicken, more ways to enjoy it and more meals with the ones they love.

It All Began In Arkansas

Our story starts during the Great Depression, when John W. Tyson moved his family to Arkansas in search of better opportunities. What he discovered was a bird that would make his career, and our company, take flight. It was then that John loaded up his old truck and began delivering quality chicken to other hard-working people.

From those humble beginnings, Tyson Foods has grown over the years to find new ways to help feed the nation, with the belief that every family deserves to bring quality chicken to their table.

Our Heritage

Quality Is What We’ll Always Deliver

When John W. Tyson was still driving his old truck across the country, folks kept coming back for the chicken he brought because he always delivered on his promise of quality. Plain and simple. Today, we’re just as committed to delivering on that promise. From our hatcheries, to the farms we work with, to our careful inspection of all of our chicken, we’re committed to making sure you get farm-raised chicken of the highest quality to serve up to your family.

Delivery Quality

From The Farm to Your Table

Since the very beginning, we’ve always worked hard to build strong relationships with independent farms across America. Honestly, we wouldn’t be where we are today without them. In fact, we have been working with many farmers for more than three generations. We invite you to find out more about the farmers who will continue to help us provide you with real quality chicken for generations to come.

Our Farmers

Pioneering A Better Meal

Back when hauling chicken across the country was no small feat, John W. Tyson pioneered an easier way to deliver them to the people. Over the years, we’ve continued his legacy of innovation in order to help bring your family a better meal.

From bringing the first Cornish hens to slow cookers everywhere in 1964 to delighting children young and old with some of the first chicken nuggets, we continue to explore new ways of bringing great food to your family and making mealtimes easier for everyone.