Fajita Seasoned Beef Steak Strips

Get the most out of your time – and your beef fajita recipe! Try our Fajita Seasoned Beef Steak Strips to simplify Fajita Night.

How To Cook



1. Place one (1) tablespoon of oil in large non-stick pan or skillet.
2. Preheat on stovetop over MEDIUM heat.
3. Place beef strips in skillet, being careful not to splash hot oil on your hands.
4. Turn beef strips frequently, allowing them to brown.
5. Cook approximately 15-20 minutes or until beef strips reach minimum internal temperature of 145°F.*
6. Remove beef strips from the pan using a cooking utensil and place on a plate. Allow them t rest for 3 minutes.

Nutritional Information


  • Contains No Allergens