The first step to a great recipe is quality chicken. That’s why we work with farms across the country to raise our chicken with no antibiotics ever.

Whether it’s dark meat or white meat, follow these tips and tricks to make a great meal from any cut.


Keep White Meat from Drying Out

1. Grab your slow cooker

2. Salt your chicken liberally

3. Quickly sear the chicken in a skillet to lock in that juicy flavor

4. Cook it slowly to keep it tender and tasty

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The Best Way to Bake Juicy White Meat Chicken

1. Cut the chicken into smaller pieces, like kabobs

2. Marinate it to really get the flavor into the meat

3. Use your broiler to brown the outside. Let the chicken rest covered to let the cooking finish slowly

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Bring Out the Natural Flavors of Dark Meat

1. Brown the chicken in a skillet to caramelize

2. Add vegetables to enhance the flavor

3. Cook the chicken gently in a slow cooker to make the meat super succulent

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Slow Roasting Dark Meat Chicken

1. Add herbs and spices to punch up the natural flavors of dark meat

2. Brown your chicken in a skillet before baking

3. Finish cooking the chicken in a low temperature oven for extra juicy meat

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Use these tips with any cut of high quality Tyson® chicken and you’ll be enjoying a great dish in no time.

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