Hatching a Quality Chicken

Tyson® Brand has been hatching quality chicken since we started. And now we’re raising them without antibiotics.

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Keeping Our Chickens Healthy

We've redesigned our chicken's housing to give them plenty of room to roam. Besides exercise, they get a healthy, balanced diet containing botanicals and essential oils such as oregano, thyme, yucca and peppers, and probiotics, the good kind of bacteria found in yogurt.

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The Right Thing To Do

Everyone involved with the Tyson® brand helps raise our chickens right. From the hatchery to the coop, see what "no antibiotics ever" means to us.

We've created an entire series of documentary films to show the process of how our chickens are raised. Click below to see more.

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Sign, Sealed, Delivered

Our chickens are raised entirely without antibiotics. Look for the "no antibiotics ever" seal on our packs.

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